Marc Curtis

Why You Should Use LUTs During The Color Grading And Correcting Process

If you are working with photography or other images, then you might already have a software program that you can use to help you with color grading and correcting. However, you might not have lookup tables (LUTs), which can be very useful during the color grading and correcting process. These are a few reasons why you should make use of LUTs when you are editing and improving images, whether you are working on your own pictures or drawings for fun or if you are working with images as a part of your job or a major project.

Top Signs Your Family Should Read Farm Animal Comic Strips

You might not read comic strips very often, or you simply might have never come across comic strips that really included farm animals. However, it might be time for your family to check out some of the farm animal comic strips that are out there if one or more of the things below are true. You Live on a Farm As someone who lives on a farm, you might generally love taking care of your farm animals and doing all of the other things that go along with running a farm.

Mosaics, Bedazzling, And Painting With "Diamonds": Similarities And Differences

Some arts and crafts have a way of merging into each other over time to produce a new creative hobby for people to enjoy. You will see this happening quite often, with mixed results. Yet, the craze for something new and potentially fun to do does not seem to stop or slow down the process of merging various crafts to create new ones. Take mosaics, bedazzling, and painting with "diamonds" for instance.

Make Your Canvas Art Look Expensive

Canvas art is widely popular because it costs considerably less than traditional prints. However, just because the artwork costs less, it does not mean that it has to look low cost. Whether you know it or not, you can have affordable canvas art that looks expensive. Learn how you can get the look of expensive art in your home while saving money. Make a Statement When it comes to home décor, less is more.

A Few Ways To Bring Your Ocean-Scene Painting To Life

Not everyone is an artist. However, this does not mean you cannot make a beautiful ocean-scene picture to hang on your wall. If you would like to create something that does not look like your child made it in elementary school, there are a few things to keep in mind. Try the following tips, and you will be surprised at the outcome. Define the Horizon To make the picture look as if it goes on forever, draw a straight line across the canvas where you would like the horizon to be.