Personalize Your Home Decor With Custom Framing Services

Surrounding yourself with photos and art that you love can liven up your space and bring joy into your life. Art and photos can be placed on your wall as-is, but adding a picture frame can make your prints even more beautiful and allow you to give them the respect that they deserve. Custom framing services can help you find the right frame for any shape or size of print. Here are some of the ways you can personalize your home decor when you bring your ideas and keepsakes to a custom framing shop:

1. Frame your family photos.

Family photos are great candidates for framing. After all, these photos show memorable images of your loved ones. Framed family portraits can allow you to show off your family in their best light. However, you can also have candid family photos custom-framed. Adorning your walls and shelves with custom-framed photos of fun and unique moments can help you remember the good times with your loved ones.

2. Frame art prints.

Photographs aren't the only things that can be framed at a custom framing shop. Many people enjoy collecting art prints, which are inexpensive ways to obtain and display your favorite art. Art prints can be matted with black or white mat board before framing to give them a high-class, gallery-quality look. Your art prints can be framed behind glass to protect them from fingerprints and smudges, or they can be placed in an open frame to allow their true colors to shine through.

3. Frame original works of art.

Original works of art can also be framed at a custom framing shop. Framing experts can frame watercolor, acrylic, and oil paintings on paper or canvas. You can frame art that you've made yourself to display your artwork with the gravitas it deserves. Alternatively, you can frame art that you've acquired from your favorite artists. The frames you choose can be as simple or as ornate as you desire to complement the works of art that you choose to bring into your home.

4. Use frames to upgrade your home decor.

Custom framing services can help you decorate your home in more ways than one. If you want to add a fun surprise to your bedroom or bathroom, you can have a mirror custom-framed in an ornate metal or wooden frame. You can also frame a corkboard to create a fun and unique bulletin board for your family to use. The sky's the limit when it comes to incorporating unique custom frames into your interior design.