3 Ways Comic Strips Use Anthropomorphism On Animals

The world of art and animation can transform objects, animals, and technology to feature human elements. The term anthropomorphism refers to when artists adapt human features to other characters. If you read content like farm animal comic strips, you will see multiple ways artists use anthropomorphism to create dynamic animal characters we connect with and enjoy.

Check out some of the details to look for and how animals really come alive in these comic strips.

1. Clothing

When compared to other animals, clothes are uniquely human. When other creatures wear clothes, a human element instantly appears. In farm animal comic strips, the human clothing will typically have a farm theme. You may see a cow with overalls on or a pig in a plaid shirt.

In many cases, the clothes represent character traits. For example, a fancy animal may appear drawn in a tuxedo or other formal wear. As you analyze the comic strips, see the different ways the animals dress and how those clothes represent the character and actions.

2. Accessories

Comic artists like to add a lot of accessories to animal characters to really liven up the way they look. For example, you can also do much with the fur and skin of pigs and cows. An artist may draw wigs on the animals to add some touches, make animals look more feminine, or present parodies of real-life people.

Other details may include jewelry, glasses, or shoes. For comics set in modern times, the accessories may include modern technology. You could spot an animal with a cell phone. An animal may wear a pair of headphones. The accessories add a lot of visuals and really stand out in full-color comic strips.

3. Body Postures

The body posture showcases another way a comic artist will use anthropomorphism in their designs. Often you will see animals stand up on two legs or in an upright seated position the animal doesn't typically take. The body positions help reveal their status, emotions, and current state.

For example, a horse who stands up may look like a leader compared to other animals who still only stand on four legs. A pig may lounge in a chair to look relaxed and comfortable. In a comic strip, an artist only has so much time to convey ideas the body positions can help rely on a lot of information.

The anthropomorphism used in comics adds a lot of fun and really increases the depth of a story. Look for these elements as you read through farm animal comic strips