Why You Should Use LUTs During The Color Grading And Correcting Process

If you are working with photography or other images, then you might already have a software program that you can use to help you with color grading and correcting. However, you might not have lookup tables (LUTs), which can be very useful during the color grading and correcting process. These are a few reasons why you should make use of LUTs when you are editing and improving images, whether you are working on your own pictures or drawings for fun or if you are working with images as a part of your job or a major project.

You Can Get Them for Free

If you're color grading and correcting on a budget, then you might not be sure about paying for any additional resources. You might have already spent money on color grading software and other things, for example. However, the good news is that even though you can certainly pay for LUTs in many cases, there are also a lot of free LUTs out there that you can download and make use of. Therefore, you can actually take advantage of LUTs and the benefits that they can provide without spending a dime.

It Can Speed Up the Color Grading Process

If you have any experience with color grading at all, there is a good chance that you have spent a lot of time on certain projects that you might have worked on. If this is the case, then you could be wondering how you can speed things along. You might have upgraded your color grading software or invested in certain plug-ins, for example, but you might still find that color grading can take a long time. If you have LUTs to use during the color grading process, however, you can get the job done a lot more quickly. This can be a good thing if you're working with images as a hobby and don't have a ton of free time, or it can help if you're doing it professionally but are working on a tight deadline and need to get your project completed as soon as possible.

It Can Help You Do a Better Job

How good of a job you do with color grading can have a big impact on how your images turn out. Therefore, if possible, you probably want to do what you can to do a better job of color grading whenever you can. Luckily, using LUTs during the color grading process can actually help you improve the quality of your work.

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